Yellowstone Lodging

Grand Hotels, rustic cabins - Yellowstone has it all!

If you plan ahead, staying in the park may be a good option for travelers who want to maximize their time.  You can save a lot of time driving by staying at 1 or more different areas of the park.  Yellowstone offers everything from camping grounds to rustic cabins to historic inns with quaint furnishings.  Regardless of the accomodations, you will not find amenities such as televisions and room service.  You may, however, find an unforgettable experience that would be hard to duplicate outside the park.   All the lodging areas of the parks have stores and restaurants.   Most have visitor centers and gas stations as well.   Reservations for lodging inside the park can be made through Xanterra Parks and Resorts at www.travelyellowstone.comThe website has information about the lodging options as well as activities available in the park. 

We chose to stay both inside and outside the park.   We stayed in the gateway town of West Yellowstone the first night after our drive in from Salt Lake City.   We chose the Three Bear Lodge for our first night which was clean and comfortable.  There are many hotels, restaurants and shops in West Yellowstone.   We then moved onto the Old Faithful area for a two night stay at the Old Faithful Inn.  You have many options at the Old Faithful Inn with everything from a modest room without a bath to more modern rooms with a view and bathrooms.  The Old Faithful Inn is pretty pricey but we thought it was worth it to get the feel of staying in such a historic hotel.  Other options in this area are the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins, and Old Faithful Lodge Cabins. 

Heading north we stayed in the gateway town of Gardiner, Montana which is just outside northern entrance.   That worked out well but I would have preferred staying in a cabin at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins in the park.  Some of the rooms and cabins have bathrooms and others do not.  I have read that the elk wander around the cabins sometimes which is why I thought the cabins would be nice place to stay.  We did see a large group of elk relaxing on a lawn in the Mammoth area when we first arrived.   Make sure to stop in the hotel and check out the map room.  There is a very large and impressive map of the United States made out of wood located there.

For our final home away from home we chose the Lake Lodge Cabins in the  Yellowstone Lake area of the park.  The cabin had a very 60's feel to it but it was fairly large and in a nice, quiet area .  The nearby Lake Lodge has beautiful views of the lake from an inviting porch.  There are stores and a restaurant as well.  The elegant and historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel is nearby.  The hotel has a beautiful sunroom and fine dining.  There are also basic cabins located behind the hotel.  

There are also various lodging options at the Canyon Lodge and Cabins in the middle of the park, as well as Grant Village near the south end of the lake and the Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins to the north of Canyon.   The Canyon area seemed the most congested when we were there, most likely due to the fact that it is centrally located in the park.  We really enjoyed our drives between the Lake and Canyon areas as we passed through the Hayden Valley which is a prime spot for viewing wildlife.  We saw hundreds of bison in this area, as well as wolves and coyotes. 

There are also several campgrounds to chose from in the park as well.  These can be booked through Xanterra as well although online reservations are not accepted for campsites.

There are gateway towns at the entrances to the park.  The southern entrance is an exception in that it is directly north of Grand Teton National Park.  Jackson, Wyoming is the gateway town for Grand Teton.  The other towns are as follows:

West Entrance   -  West Yellowstone, Montana

North Entrance  -  Gardiner. Montana

Northeast Entrance  -  Cook City, Montana

East Entrance  -  Cody, Wyoming

I found the internet site:  to be a very good source for reviews of the different lodging options both in and out of the park.  They also have discussion forums that can be helpful in answering you questions about travel to Yellowstone.   The Three Bear Lodge website can be found as follows:

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