Yellowstone Travel Tips

A travel buff's guide to America's first national park 

In 2006 a friend of mine mentioned her family was planning a visit to Yellowstone National Park in the summer.  I had been to Yellowstone when I was a very small child and, of course, remembered nothing about the park.  I had not really thought of taking a trip to Yellowstone up to that point.  Well,  that conversation sparked something in me and I decided that Yellowstone was the place for our next family vacation.  We took a trip to Yellowstone in the summer of 2007 and I enjoyed that so much I took my mom and sister in 2009. 

I enjoy travel, and when I plan a trip I spend countless hours researching where to go, where to stay etc.  It can take a lot of time but it has usually been worth it.  Time and money to travel is usually in limited in supply and I want to make the most of both when we travel.  I found lots of  invaluable information about Yellowstone on the internet and and in books from the library.  However, it was still a challenge  to plan an itinerary that would maximize our vacation time and budget.  I hope I can help others with some tips from my experience planning and visiting this magnificent national park.  The other pages on this site provided lots of information useful in planning such a trip.