Red Spouter

 What are Mudpots?

Mudpots are acidic hot springs with a limited water supply. Hydrogen sulfide, which rises from deep within the earth, is used by some microorganisms as an energy source. They help convert the smelly gas to sulfuric acid, which breaks down rock into clay. Various gases escape through the wet clay mud and cause it to bubble and plop. Mudpots vary with the season. In early summer the mudpots are thin and watery from abundant rain and snow. By late summer they are quite thick and bursting bubbles may lob mud up.


< Red Spouter

This mudpot originated in the 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake and exhibits the behavior of other thermal features. It splashes muddy water in spring and early summer and the water sometimes has a red tone. When the water table is lower in late summer and fall Red Spouter becomes a hissing fumarole and it has also erupted like a geyser.  




Mud Volcano