Match It Master:Memory Game

Free download! Additional card decks and Make Your Own decks with your pictures!


The classic Memory Game, played with cards. Each turn a player can select two cards, and he gets to keep them if they match.


  • Cards are pictures, text and even a combination of both (for example, the word 'dog' with a picture of a dog)
  • Game can be played in three modes:
    • Solitary mode
    • Two players (human Vs human)
    • Against the computer (AI mode)
  • Deck of cards can be downloaded to keep the game interesting and fresh
  • Various difficulty levels:
    • Decks come in different sizes: less cards->the easier it is
    • Themes include from simple colors or shapes (easier for kids) to amazing pictures taken by professional photographers
    • Different combination of themes and sizes makes the deck suitable for different personalities and ages
    • Adults can use more abstract pictures, bigger deck sizes and higher computer AI level
    • For kids you can use simple themes such as colors and as low as 4 cards
  • Educational card decks: use combined decks where the player needs to match words to picture to challenge young kids
  • Make* your own deck of cards! play with your own pictures or send your creations to your friends.
  • *Requires registration


  • Windows operating system only
  • Microsoft .NET framework

Registration ($5)

The game is fully functional with no time limit.
The downloaded game includes several card decks you can play with. Several more card decks in different sizes and types can be downloaded from this site. Some might be free and some might require a small contribution that will enable me to keep this site running.
As a registered user, you will be able to create your own decks of cards, using any pictures you have on your computer. You can also use text instead of pictures to play a game of matching words to words or words to pictures. Use the custom made deck of cards to:

  • Share the latest pictures from a trip in a cool original way
  • Give it as a gift to your friends
  • Make decks specifically designed for your kids

Instructions for using this feature are here

Register using

  • esellerate
  • PayPal

Download the game

Download the file mim.exe and run it. It will ask you for a target folder to install the files (like c:\games\mim). After extracting the files, run the setup.exe file to start installation.