General FAQ's: 

Q:  What is your web design philosophy?
A:  If it takes more than 5 minutes to update/upload then we probably won't do it.

Q:  Do you guys make money?
A:  No, we donate money to the parks that allow us to hold these races.  Any proceeds we get go towards our insurance and overhead (race signs, race plates.)  One year we had a party where we had enough left over for a case of beer.  That was nice, everyone was invited.

Q:  When I show up at a race I'm expecting prompt race directors who are poignant, that provide a detailed description of every half mile of the course, and that also provide a timing service as well as amenities above and beyond my expectations.  Can you accommodate this?
A:  No, find another race series, or show up with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised with what we accomplish on limited resources.

Q:  Seriously though, do you use a timing service?
A:  If by 'timing service' you mean someone who will record your number and name when you cross the finish with a general idea of how long it took you, then yes, we use a timing service.

Q:  I like to show up to races, and tell the race directors things that they should have done based on my race experiences.  Is this something you would like to hear?
A:  If you start your sentence with 'You know what you should of done...'  We will pretend to listen, and nod our heads like it's informative regardless of whether or not it actually is.  However, if it IS a good idea, we'll probably apply it without ever granting credit to anyone.

Q:  Can I register through
A:  Someday, perhaps, but as of now, no.

YC Monthly FAQ's:

Q:  I ride single speed, is there a single speed class?
A:  No.  There probably should be though.

Q:  So it's $25 for my first race, and $10 each additional race?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Who do I make the Check out to?
A:  Good question, 'Ride YC c/o Kelly Thompson'

Q:  When will results be posted?
A:  We do our best to post results day of.  90% of the time this happens.