Sculpture Park at Yellow Bird


I have been inspired by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (UK), Grizedale’s Sculpture in the Forest, and the sculpture trail at the Forest of Dean  to develop something similar at Yellow Bird, with annual public access each Fall to a new crop of work.

Yellow Bird offers many different sites for sculpture and outdoor installations set in the landscape, from lakeside, to creeks, pasture, woods, sink-holes and limestone outcrops. It has an undulating terrain, moving from valleys to ridges across sloping fields. It is located 2 miles from the small town of Woodbury, the home of the Cannon County Arts Center . Woodbury has been listed as one of the top 100 small arts towns in America. 

I hope to invite a number of artists each year for month long residencies. For biographical reasons,  I hope especially to encourage artists from
Yorkshire and the British Isles. Yellow Bird will also feature some of my own work. In addition to displaying art, Yellow Bird will host regular seminars and workshops on philosophy, natural building and the arts.


The following are links to some other  Sculpture Parks, including those mentioned above

 Storm King
 Yorkshire Sculpture Park (UK)
 Grizedale’s Sculpture in the Forest (UK)

Current Work:
View examples of my earth art sculptures under ART in the Image Gallery. Also
maps of Yellow Bird.

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