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Yellow Bird is a 175 acre sculpture park, wildlife refuge, and retreat being developed near Woodbury, Tennessee, USA, 60 minutes from Nashville.  Exhibitions of outdoor sculpture and earth art by local, national, and (with luck) international sculptors are being planned. Short residencies will be offered to artists to construct work on site, on a scale considerably more substantial, and with a topography more varied than Cheekwood's Sculpture Trail, or Chattanooga's Sculpture Garden. The sculpture park itself aspires loosely to be a Gesamtkustwerk. A cabin is available to rent for a personal retreat..
Yellow Bird Farm was purchased in 2002, and the adjoining property ("The Lodge") was added in Spring 2008. See attached photos. The Lodge will serve as a reception center until purpose-built construction is completed.
Yellow Bird is located in Woodbury, TN, one of the top 100 Small Arts Towns in America (John Villani, The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America, Avalon, 1998), home to Cannon County Arts Center, 2 miles away.
In addition to promoting outdoor sculpture, it will offer a retreat for writers, musicians, and creative people generally, with various trails and places for walking and meditation. Yellow Bird is also a wildlife refuge, home to deer, turkey, rabbits, turtles, frogs, salamanders, groundhogs, and birds of all sorts, not to mention a herd of goats, three dogs (who look after them), and a family of barn cats who keep down (eat) the mice.
Participation in this project by members of the community is greatly encouraged. A program of internships, residencies, and arts education days for children is planned. Practical and financial support for thse activities will be most welcome.Charitable contributions can be made to projects jointly undertaken with existing non-profit and charitable arts foundations.
The director David Wood can be contacted at yourdruid@yahoo.com.

More about the director

David Wood teaches philosophy at Vanderbilt University in Nashville,TN, and is an aspiring earth-artist. His specialist areas of interest are continental philosophy, and environmental philosophy, he has been co-director (with Beth Conklin) of a CSRC research project on Ecology and Spirituality, and is an executive member of the IAEP - International Association for Environmental Philosophy. He started the Off the Wall art talks at Nashville’s Frist Center for the Visual Arts, and runs the Thinking out of the Box talks at the Downtown Public Library. 

Five websites
Yellow Bird Blog                    http://yellowbirdscribble.blogspot.com/
Faculty Homepage                www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/philosophy/faculty/wood.html
Spiral Resonance Field        http://www.landartnm.org/balloon-museum.html

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