About Jongpil Ye

I am an associate professor of materials science and engineering at Inha University. My research is in the field of of micro- and nanoprocessing. I am particularly interested in self-assembly-based micro/nano fabrication and morphology-controlled synthesis of nanomaterials. I received my doctorate from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT in 2011, under the guidance of Prof. Carl V. Thompson. My dissertation was focused on understanding mechanisms underlying the solid-state dewetting of single crystal films. [Link to my dissertation] I worked on CVD graphene growth as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Rodney S. Ruoff at the University of Texas at Austin for a year before joining Inha University in 2012.



  • Open position (Graduate & undergraduate students): please contact me by email or visit 5N337

- Fabrication of single-crystal metallic nanostructures for photonic, magnetic, and catalytic applications

- Nanoscale doping control and nanopatterning of large-area graphene


Address: Room 5N338, 100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon 402-751, Korea

Tel: +82-32-860-7523

Email: jpye(at)inha.ac.kr

Research Projects

  • 2019~2021, Collaborative investigation of the capillarity-driven self-organization mechanism of solid-state metallic nanostructures, STAR, NRF
  • 2018~2021, Improving the thermoelectric properties of graphene using isotope labeling-based nanopatterning process, Basic Science Research Program, NRF
  • 2017~2018, Control of thermoelectric properties of graphene pn junctions via electron beam irradiation and nano-patterning, National Nuclear R&D Program, NRF
  • 2016~2017, Development of a method of fabricating large-area functionalized graphene superlattices using electron beam irradiation, National Nuclear R&D Program, NRF
  • 2015~2018, Development of a nanopatterning method based on templated-dewetting of thin films, Basic Science Research Program, NRF
  • 2013~2016, 2018, Nano-Material Technology Development Program, NRF
  • 2013~2016, Development of a method of tailoring graphene domain structure based on the structural evolutions of thin metallic films, Basic Science Research Program, NRF
  • 2012~2015, Development of a nanopatterning method based on templated-dewetting of thin films, Basic Science Research Program, NRF


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  • Templated solid-state dewetting of single-crystal iron films and specifically localized buckle delamination of surface oxide, Applied Physics Express 11, 115501 (2018). [Link]
  • Investigation of a Rayleigh-Like Instability During the Solid-State Dewetting of Single-Crystal Nickel and Palladium Films, Journal of the Korean Physical Society 73, 90 (2018). [Link]
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  • Thermodynamics of Materials (Spring, 2012~2018)
  • Physical Chemistry I (Spring, 2012~2018)
  • Phyiscal Chemistry II (Fall, 2012~2017)
  • Semiconductor Processing (Fall, 2016~2017)
  • Nano-properties & Synthesis (Fall, 2017)
  • Nanoprocessing Technology (Fall, 2013)