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ye-h architectural photography



Commercial exterior/ interior photography
Construction documentation
Historical building documentation
Landscape photography
Real estate marketing photos
Lightroom product/ physical model photos


a. charged by project (package):

-    Standard Package - $1000,  Includes:  10 final photos + 2 usage licenses

-    Half Package - $600 , Includes: 5 final photos + 2 usage licenses

1.Package fee is based on the photographer’s standard price list, includes photograph fee, processing fee and licensing fee.
2.A standard 10 photos package may include alternate shots for selection with no additional charge.
3.If the final package includes more than 10 selected photos, it will be $100 for each add-on.

b. charged by image:

-     $150 per image and 2 shots minimum, for all project type.

c. charged by hours:

-    for Lightroom models and construction documentation only

-    $80 /hours, for both onsite shooting and post editing, time estimate will be provided.

* WA Sales tax, additional equipment expense and transportation expense not included.
* If the clients request to retake or take more photos after the full package is completed, it will be $150 for each retake photo.
* Additional expenses may be billed in addition to the basic package fee, includes assistant(s), travel, special equipment or prop rentals and meals.
* A standard package includes 2 Image Usage Licenses for both architect and property owner.
* If more than 2 Licenses are requested, it will be $100 for each additional License.


Time spend

* For standard package: visit/ test shots – 1-2 hours on site, 20-30 low res test shot will be generated.
2.shot selection – meeting with designers to select shots for final
3.Time and budget estimate, service contract, paper works shoot – 4-6 hrs on site, for lighting and equipment setup, space clean up and photo shooting.
5.Postediting – white balance, color and light adjustment, merging, clean up etc
6.Final shots - 2 weeks after final shoot.


- Time & budget estimates can be provided for each project before shooting, may require site visiting, floor plans
and the shooting schedule to estimate the overall time spend.
- Test shots are good to use for final shots choosing. 


Using professional equipment that are sufficient for both interior and exterior photography, including full frame cameras,
3 stand lights with soft box and 3 flash lights with remote control, two super wide angle lens, one tilt shift lens, and couple
prime lens which are specific for architectural photography.


1.10 high resolution images (in Tiff and Jpeg format)
2. Reduce size images (in jpeg format) album setup for easy reviewing (ipad applicable)



Click the image link to the sample album:





ye-h Architectural Photography