Google Ctrl-Arrow Greasemonkey script 

Google Ctrl-Arrow is a Greasemonkey script for Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to navigate Google search results using keyboard. Currently Web, Images, Groups and News search services are supported.

This script is compatible with CustomizeGoogle Extension and fixes its onresize update issue for images.google.com. If CustomizeGoogle, GCA script emulates its function and rewrites image links to point stright to original images.

Now supports Google redesign userscripts with style autodetection!

Google Ctrl-Arrow Hotkeys:

Show/hide options window
Change tab mode - open links in a new or current tab
Change navigation mode - select input queries with Up/Down navigation or nor
Up / Down
Move cursor to the previous / next results entry
Ctrl-Left / Right
Move to the previous / next search results page (Yandex.ru - like behaviour)
Set focus to the input query
Release focus or move cursor to the next results entry
Release focus and activate current entry
Open current link in a new or current tab (if no other element has focus)
Submit current search (top input) if input query is not focused

Latest version (2007-12-16): 


Changes (2007-10-05):

  • (NEW!) configurable automatic script update notification
  • removed visible garbage at the end of the page when Steam search is enabled
  •  fixed hint visibility on page load

Changes (2007-10-05):

  • fixed bug in detecting active query input element

Changes (2007-09-23):

  • code rewritten in OOP style using Mootools-based library. More code, better readability (let's hope)
  • CustomizeGoogle Steam search support (web and image searches)!
  • added Google Books and Catalogs searches
  • better support for YouTube movies in Google web search results
  • updated support for Google Groups search (added new @include urls)
  • GCA hint now correctly placed on both old and new Google layouts

Changes (2007-09-19):

  • added themes support for better compatibility with Google redesign userscripts (e.g. http://userstyles.org/styles/1693)
  • added simple theme autodetection. Supports: default Google style, 'dark blue' and 'dark gray' redesigns by Valacar
  • rewritten help and settings window to correctly show scrollbar (Ctrl-F1)

Changes (2007-05-20):

  • updated CSS to fix problems with Google's new layout. Thanks Logan Koester <logan (at) logankoester.com>
  • fixed hidden search results details when the last item selected
  • few code cleanup

Changes (2007-04-27):

  • new option to select search result when it is clicked by middle button
  • fixed Blogsearch support (new layout)
  • partially fixed Google Groups search (new layout)
  • updated service URLs 

Changes (2007-04-24): 

  • fixed hidden result details bug when scrolling down through the results (works for all search results types)
  • removed onload event for better performance on pages with images