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This page is a tribute to the innocent kids lost every year in child abuse. YUP

 Child Abuse- A Horrifying Sin!

It's a shame I wasn't there at the right time to help these kids from their parents, guardians, caretakers or strangers, who murdered them. It's just not possible for me to intervene inside a home to protect children from their own parent.

"So how do I help them?" I ask myself." How do I prevent other such incidences from happening?"

Looking into all these cases closely, I was able to understand what to this heinous crime in each of the cases.

Here are some of the major causes, that all led to a violent story of child abuse to surface around the globe.

Cause of Child Abuse
  • Immature Parents

  • underage sex / unwanted pregnancies

  • Poverty/lack of resources and Proper Education

  • Alcohol / Drug Addiction

  • Anger/ Frustration

  • Psychological problems

  • Lack of good Faith/ upbringing and Values

  • Lack of good governance / Rules

  • Wars 

  • Lack of accountability 

Actions for the State

Governments of all countries are responsible and in the best position in putting a stop to crimes against children. How?
Here are some basic suggestions/ requests:

  1. Put a ban on alcohol and drugs for parents, caretakers, and teachers taking care of a kid, that is unable to stand up for themselves.
  2. Premarital sex if allowed, in consequence of pregnancy, therapy should be given to young teens to help them and should be informed of all the right options to help them make the right decisions.
  3. In case of young couples, in case of pregnancy, a workshop on all expects of pregnancy and parenting must be mandatory for both the parent to attend. Failing of which should be fined. The workshop should be free of cost offered by the State.
  4. The state is to ensure the children are growing up in a safe and healthy environment free of violence, abuse or neglect.
  5. Any cases of child abuse reported the culprit should be jailed for life if not executed in case the victim was killed; 10-20 yrs if the victim survived; and other verdicts based on the severity of the abuse inflicted.
  6. The abused child, whose abuser his guardian/ parents should be offered government support for his upbringing and the abuser must be responsible to pay for the child expenses till the kid is 18.

Actions for Citizens

It's not easy to anticipate and know. Usually, we know of an abuse when it has already occurred and in many cases, there is nothing possible to do.  Most of the cases reported are being committed by guardians parents, relatives rather than a stranger, and are mostly done by those with whom the kid is left with for unsupervised hours. 

We cant keep an eye on every parent or caretaker with 24/7.

we cant make a year old kid to reach out for us or let his situation known to the world. But we can somehow make a 5 yr old to reach out and seek help

In case of the abuse happening on the hands of the kids own parent/ family, what is a child to do?

Its hard for the abused kid to trust and seek help 

Some of the actions we can take as laymen concerned citizens are as follows:

  • Are you an artist, an educator, a mother, a father an entrepreneur average countrymen? Share with us strategies on how this can be helped.
  • Are you a concerned neighbor?  Do you know a child needing help? What do you suspect? What help do you think he needs. inform the authorities in your city.
  • Are you a parent, finding it hard to raise your child? It's ok to accept your weaknesses and to gain strength and support in your trying times. Access any services available free of cost or affordable to get help.
  • Do you need to place your child in a childcare, but don't know which is safe? Let us help you find the best child care for you! There are some guides online to spot the best child care for your kid.
  • Are you about to hire a tutor, care taker, nanny, babysitter for your child? Make sure you verify the candidate and ensure your children are safe with them.
  • It's important to be attentive of the whereabouts of your kids. Ensure you offer your child best support and an ear to hear them out and that they share their selves with you openly.

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