Home Remedies For Candida Yeast Infection Symptoms

Home Remedies For Candida Yeast Infection Symptoms

One of the candida yeast infection symptoms is the Vaginal Odor and Vaginal Discharge. In short form, there will be a fishy odor coming from the vagina and thick, cheesy like white stuff coming out as well. 

Vaginal inflammation and Vagina Infection has a medical name used to describe it, it’s known as Vaginitis. This vaginal inflammation is the symptom for a yeast infection, the first thing you will be noticing. Some of these vaginal problems occur from the sexual partners.

You should be knowing that you are going to get Yeast Infection by these symptoms occurring in your body.

Abnormal vaginal discharge – like mentioned before, the vagina will discharge a thick white cheesy stuff and it will be having a fishy smell.

Burning during Urination – Whenever you go to the bathroom to have a pee, then the intimate part will burn while peeing or urinating.

Itching – There will be itching and irritation around the vagina and this will make you scratch those parts all day.

Discomfort during intercourse – When you’re having an intercourse, you will feel discomfort and have pain while the penetration is done.

But you should know that there are normal Vaginal Discharge as well.Normally a woman will produce a vaginal discharge that will be clear or slightly white in colour, which would be non irritating while the discharge and it will be odor free too. This amount of consistency can vary during the menstrual cycle, at one time there might will be small amount of clear watery discharge and another time there will be more thicker and whiter discharge. All these discharges can be explained as normal when there are no odors or any irritation while the discharge is in process.

 So you might be wondering how to do home remedies for yeast infection symptoms and avoid all these kinds of things before even happening right ?

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