Celebrating the Transformation of School Libraries and Computer Labs into a Learning Commons 

April, 2015 ~ May 2016

Celebrate, initiate, advocate and create opportunities all year.

Learners and adults:

              Create        Build         Collaborate

              Participate    Mentor     Learn

              Teach       Think       Invent

              Discover      Read       Inquire

               Research      Make       Play

               Produce       Showcase     Perform



Learning Commons: the Center of Participatory Learning and School Improvement

Continuing their long service to children, teens and teacher, teacher librarians are developing new ways to not only support the consumption of knowledge through great collections in many formats but are encouraging everyone to create knowledge in the new world of information, technology, and the challenges of school improvement.

Major changes to traditional school libraries include the reinvention of physical space that  meets the needs seeking a physical space that adapts to what they  need at any given time. There is space for individuals, small groups and large groups who are using resources, making, building, creating, doing, and enjoying a very busy space that welcomes the use of many forms of technological devices. 

Digital resources and collaborative learning happens 24/7 in the Virtual Learning Commons Where learners can link to opportunities and work with others across the world.

Everyone wins!
      • Knowledge building
      • Literacies
      • School Culture
      • Experimentation
      • Global Learning
      • Digital Citizenship
      • Inquiry
      • Online Learning
      • Successful Learners