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Seth and Danine Poppel are pleased to announce that they have the largest, best and most CURRENT library of CELEBRITY high school yearbooks (and yearbook, youth and kiddie photos of celebrities) in the WORLD, and provide the images, information and research to all media clients (magazines, newspapers, book publishers, TV shows, websites etc.). We are your ONE STOP for anything to do with famous people in high school. We have provided more high school yearbook, youth and kiddie photos than all of the other agencies COMBINED!! You may reach us at ANY time via phone or e-mail and be assured that we will respond PROMPTLY to your requests. We have all of the latest and "hottest" names in showbiz, sports, politics, etc. SETH POPPEL YEARBOOK LIBRARY CALL: 1-877-SEATTLE (1-877-732-8853) OVERSEAS CALL: 1-206-709-4628 E-MAIL: SETHPOPPEL@AOL.COM

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All HOT Movie, TV, Music Stars' High School Yearbook Photos....The largest gallery of the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Country Award nominees and winners.   All TOP Sports Stars' High School Yearbook, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf etc. All Current Newsmakers' High School Yearbook Photos.....All of the 2016 Presidential Primary candidates,  Business Executives etc. All Historical Figures' High School Yearbook Photos..... from 1890 till today...Harry Truman to Justin Bieber. The LARGEST Celebrity Yearbook Photo Library!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call Us (if you need photos within 1-2 hours).... E-mail to Us (for same day PM delivery)....... We are RESPONSIVE!!  Make us your FIRST call or e-mail as we have already done the research and can save you a lot of time and money!!  We have been doing this for 34 years.