Yealmpton reminiscences

Village life is constantly changing as one generation is succeeded by the next.  It is through the memories of older residents that we can visualise how childhood was enjoyed and everyday life was lived in past years and appreciate how the village has changed over the years to become the one we know today.


Some of the residents of our village of Yealmpton have now agreed to talk of the village of their earlier days and their recollections of past years are presented in these pages.  They bring back happy, and no doubt sometimes nostalgic, stories of days gone by.  To listeners they should add life to the images of Yealmpton otherwise only seen in old photographs and perhaps give the opportunity to reflect on how life can be enjoyed in a simpler way than it is today.


We thank all those who agreed to take part in this project by being interviewed and describing how different life used to be in Yealmpton even only a few years ago.


Our first recording is that of Edna Cawse, who was lived as a child with her parents at Boldventure Farm and is interviewed here by Juliette Lowe.  To hear the recording on Youtube click on the linkbelow, (to return to this page after watching the recording click the white arrow in the blue circle at the top left hand corner of the Youtube site):

The recordings were made as part of the ‘Then and Now’ project of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, commemorating the fifty years since its designation.  The interviews were undertaken by members by members of Yealmpton and Brixton WI; Hazel Brown,  Eileen Chant, Liz Disdale, Juliette Lowe, Lydia Milford, Marianne Millin and Linda Morris.  The team for the recordings project additionally comprised Tim Stone, (Yealmpton Parish Council), Richard Davies, (technical support),  and Chris Burtt, (project co-ordinator).  The project was inspired by members of the AONB, namely Liz Davey and Sarah Scaife, and we particularly thank them for their help and support.