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The search for perfection, even if you know you will never obtain it, brings meaning to our struggles

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  1. If you decide to just go through life's struggles, without trying to improve your performance, it is like going down a river in a kayak, without trying to improve your paddling ability. If you decide to just go through life, and try to enjoy the ride, you will just get bored after a while, or get tired of trying. But if you go through life, and try to improve your performance each time you go through a rapid, you can find meaning through the struggle, as a challenge that you can use to improve yourself. You can never go through a rapid perfectly, but you can always try. If you can look at the river, get an idea of what you want to do, or what you think is perfection, and then go through it, you can give it a try, and if it wasn't what you wanted, you can modify your idea of perfection. If you went through a rapid, and it beat you up, then you know the perfect move is to avoid that challenge again. But if you see a wave that you had fun surfing, then you can do that in the future too. But if you just kick back, and don't try to do anything, but scream, or pretend their aren't dangers, or you don't try to improve your skills, then you will keep getting beat up by the same old rapids. What if you say, you don't want to become a good kayaker, you don't want to get good at it, you just want to take the path of least resistance. Well, that works, but it is not rewarding, and you miss a lot of opportunities to challenge yourself and improve. 
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