The Mormon church combines the old and new testament in a more coherent story

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  1. Its cool how the Mormon church has the Aaronic and Melchisedech priesthood
  2. It seems like if the God of the Old Testament was the same God as the New Testament, there would still be prophets today.
  3. The Mormon church explains the difference between our doctrine and the old testament by saying that the people of the Old Testament were not taught everything, except the prophets. 
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  1. If the Mormon church was really the Church of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then there wouldn't be so many differences between Mormonism and Judaism. 
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  1. Physiological needs
    1. The desire to keep tithing money
  2. Safety Needs
    1. The desire to be away from mentally ill people in the ward who pose a threat to them. The only recourse for these people is to go to a different ward, because the ward boundaries are geographically based. 
  3. Love and Belonging 
    1. The desire to have a relationship with a parent even though you have made different life choices. +4
    2. The desire to avoid a complicated argument that neither side has the skill, time, or organizational ability to do without damaging the relationship. +1 
  4. Esteem
    1. Independence 
      1. The right to be treated like an adult. -2
      2. The desire to be seen as still being capable of doing good, even though they are not religious. 
  5. Self Actualization
    1. Truth Seeking
      1. They believe logic supports their position outside of any ulterior motive. +1
      2. The time and space to find "your own truth" -4
      3. The desire to keep a network of potential customers (when living in Utah).
  1. Physiological needs
    1. The desire to receive church welfare.
    2. The desire for a support network, for moves, and if the plumbing breaks. 
  2. Safety needs:
    1. The desire for single moms to have access to men from the ward to serve as proxy dads in the scout program, to keep their kids safe from drugs, or gangs.
    2. They believe logic supports their position outside of any ulterior motive
  3. Love and belonging
    1. The desire to keep friends who are LDS.
    2. The desire to share opinions about spiritual things in sacrament, relief society, or elders quorum.
  4. Esteem
    1. The desire for respect as a Mormon. That they are doing their best to follow Jesus. 
  5. Self Actualization
    1. Living in a world with meaning, that causes people to try to be better, and continually strive for perfection.
    2. To give their kids something to believe in. The desire to pass on a tradition that seeks to serve others, pray, meditates, and stuff. As opposed to passing on a tradition of watching TV.
    3. To carry on a tradition of people who walked across the country in the middle of winter, sacrificing everything for what the believed in. To be part of kind of a cool quirky story. 
    4. The right to align yourself with different ideological principals. For instance:
      1. The importance of obedience.
      2. The importance of family unity as apposed to expression of individuality. 
      3. The desire to work inside an organization to improve it. An organization that will go on longer than their life.