Romney is more likely than Obama to help our economy by decreasing debt, stabilizing our currency and preventing inflation

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If we don't fix our debt, we will have to print more money which will result in inflation.  The spending and debt is so big that the amount of money needed to print will likely result in massive hyperinflation. 

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  1. Obama is to afraid to cut spending, because he derives his popularity by purchasing people's love by being generous with other people's money. Obama will loose all purpose in life if he can't pat himself on his back for being generous with other people's money. He doesn't care if there is no money left, and his advisers tell him that increasing taxes will hurt the economy. His world view tells him that there is no limit to amount of money that the government can spend, no matter what reality tells him. He can't increase taxes, but he refuses to be called "mean" by cutting spending.. so he continues driving the country forward into the iceberg because he can't let himself turn, stop, or slow down... He can't make any tough choices, he can only criticize Romney's tough choices. Romney has spent his life the sort of tough choices that Obama has proven over and over again that he is too afraid of making. 
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