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There is overwhelming evidence that the current warming is caused by the rise in greenhouse gases due to human activities

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  1. When I spit in the ocean, there is overwhelming indisputable, evidence and scientific proof that I just contributed to raising see levels across the planet. The question isn't weather or not we are contributing to global warming, the question is what is the best way to prevent negative consequences from climate change. Spending hundreds of trillions of dollars to directly undo the exact things we did, might not be the best solution to global warming.  
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  1. The word overwhelming is subjective. Subjective language is bad. We should try to quantify confidence levels wherever possible. You shouldn't state important policy decisions or scientific conclusions that use subjective language.  
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  1. They believe logic supports their position outside of any ulterior motive
  2. Financial gain 
  3. Groupism 
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  4. Racism 
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  5. Liberal guilt 
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  6. Moral clarity 
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  7. Party Affiliation Groupism
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  8. Political laziness and issue crossover 
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  9. Self delusion 
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  10. The desire to be seen as unique 
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  11. The desire to believe that people will are basically good
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