Bad politicians give immediate benefits with cost that don't kick in until they are out of office

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  1. "CLASS proposed to provide long-term care insurance for seniors. Individuals must pay premiums for five years to qualify for the program, so benefits won't start until at least five years out, and even at that point, they will initially be paid to only a small portion of the people who are in the program. Thus, when the bill is scored over ten years by the CBO, it looks like it makes money. Of course everyone knows it will cost an enormous amount over the long term. Ironically, and outrageously, CLASS is proposed as part of the Democratic health-care reform program as a source of funding." No Apology by Mitt Romney
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  1. They believe logic supports their position outside of any ulterior motive
  2. Financial gain 
  3. Groupism 
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  4. Racism 
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  5. Liberal guilt 
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  6. Moral clarity 
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  7. Party Affiliation Groupism
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  8. Political laziness and issue crossover 
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  9. Self delusion 
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  10. The desire to be seen as unique 
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  11. The desire to believe that people will are basically good
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