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Evaluate a Reason to agree or disagree


In formal logic, a reason to agree is a premise. For instance in the following statement:

"Since all men are mortal and Socrates is a man, it follows that Socrates is mortal"

There are two premises:

  1. All men are mortal
  2. Socrates is a man

So on a percent basis (from 1 to 100%) how much do you think that the conclusion follows from the premise?

Everything on this site will have a score. The score will be provided by the algorithm that takes into account:
  1. The price that people are willing to pay to bet that an idea's popularity or score will increase.
  2. The number and quality of reasons to agree. The quality of reasons will, of course, be determined by the algorithm.  Right now I don't have the complete algorithm working, and so I am counting the number of reasons to agree or disagree with an idea. 
  3. The number and quality of books that are said to support or oppose the idea. The quality of the book, will take into account the number and quality of the reasons to say the book is good book or not (reviews). 
  4. The validity of the interest ascribed to those who agree and disagree with them. Each user will be able to decide for themselves which interest they consider to be valid by continually updating which interest they believe to be valid on a scale from 1 to 10. They will be able to see which interest the computer believes they will consider valid, or they can give answers directly. 

It is suggested that we consider the belief that: 
  1. "x" is a reason to disagree with the belief that:
  2. "y"
Setting aside the validity of the 1st point, what percentage of its strength should be used to oppose the 2nd belief?  ______ (Between 0% and 100%)

Reasons to believe that the current score is too high:

# of reasons to agree: 0
# of reasons to disagree: -0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: 0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: 0

The current price to buy stock in this belief is $0.95 per share
The Idea Stock Exchange score for this idea is: +3-1=2

I am trying to brainstorm reasons to agree and disagree. Please help me!

Join the debate! Just leave a comment, and I’ll add it to the correct location. Once I get some programmers to help me, this will be automatic.
Evaluate the above conclusion (also known as a belief or thesis).

For each list, we will place the items with the highest score, at the top of the list.