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Rules for my schools

Rules for my schools 

I have to know why I do an assignment, but that is because I don’t trust teachers. Maybe it would be better if kids just did what their teachers told them.

1. Give kids as many short cuts as possible. I can see physics teachers giving students a list of formulas that you need that year. Make it as easy as possible. SO kids can spend more time learning and less time working.

2. Rule. SUGGESTION BOX IN EVERY CLASS. Complaint, and suggestion box for the whole school. Have good one's in the school newspaper.

1. Have kids fill out form of

1. "Do you have a problem with school policy?"

2. Teachers

3. Group of Students.

(1) Put possible solution

(2) What can we do to fix it.

(1) Help us fix it.

2. Give a kid e-credit for helping class, buy finding a program on T.V. that will help. Or by donation a movie or something.

3. Any time a kid feels he is doing busy work he should tell the teacher.

4. Kids should be told to tell their principle, and parents, and the teacher when a teacher makes them do busy work.

5. -Any time you make a suggestion that helps us keep our objectives better, or when you show we have not followed our objectives(theory), we will give you 2% e-credit. Principles

3. No works just to do work. We will let kids sleep before they do busy work.

4. Keep communication lines between parents, teachers, other teachers, administration, community open with every possible technique.

5. Every school will have a program that helps the poor, have an opportunity to compete.

6. Our curriculum will not include books that question your child's belief in God. We will never ban books, but we can find books for assignments that are not too controversial.

7. Parents must limit kids TV to 1 hour a day, and should be encouraged to sell it

Bill or Rights

1. Every student has a right to learn, and no one has the right to take another=s wisdom. This includes the right to not be offended. So what is offensive? Tough Question but we can work it out. The school can=t express a particular religion, and can=t stop religious expressions.

The school can not stop the kids or parents free press. Kids have a right to evaluate teacher, criticize teachers, policy and pass that on to upcoming students. Everyone can petition school.

2. No student has to do anything for a grade, that does not further his education.

3. Monopolies will not be allowed in any part of school, thus the Rad Guy school will fully embrace the free market system. Rad Guys is a for profit school, it is a business, and will have the right to try to make a profit. It must not allow others to sell, were it can, but it may if it wants. Hear the students beniefet is being limited by the school=s

4. Students, if treated incorrectly have a right to trial by peers.

1. Rule.

1. Everyone must keep a record of what they did and how it worked.