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1) Things for students to do
a) Increase your vocabulary, by mentally making a note of new words you hear, and just trying to use them in everyday conversation.
b) Get your students to use big words. Give them extra credit anytime they are really expressive.
c) Have a list of the best books. About different topics. Have a point system, 1-10 added up and divided by the amount of times it has been read.
d) Let kids circulate their own newspapers, complaints, ext. Maybe rent school's stuff for price.
e) Have English class write a book every year.
f) English rules

1. Verbs must agree with Noun. I am. We are.

i) Ricks could write a book every year, entitled A Cool missionary stories. Have English classes browse over them, and make them into books. Assignments should be 10 pages in the book, or one story.@

(1)English class should be involved. If I was in charge of this school, I would assign an English class to sort through all these idea=s and write a book.