Teaching Experience (as a Teaching Assistant)

1. ECS 221 - Engineering Statics (FALL 2012 & FALL 2013)
2. ECS 325 - Mechanics of Materials (SPRING 2013 & SPRING 2014)
3. MAE 500 - Introduction to MD (FALL 2015 - One session)

Teaching Interests

1. Mechanical Vibration
     (SDOF, MDOF, System Identification, Damping, Vibration Isolation, etc.)
2. Heat Transfer
     (Modes of Heat Transfer, Heat Diffusion Equation, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Radiation, Finite difference methods)
3. Engineering Mathematics
     (Differential Equations,Multiple Integrals, Laplace Transform, Fourier Transform, Matrices, Numerical Methods, etc.)
4. Thermodynamics
     (Laws of Thermodynamics, Phase Change Process, Availability, Thermodynamic processes, etc.)
5. Molecular Dynamics
     (Concept of MD, Basics of Statistical Mechanics, NVT, NVE simulations, Non Equilibrium MD, etc.)
6. Finite Element Methods
     (Variational Principle, Galerkin's method, Heat conduction problem, Gauss quadrature, etc.)
7. Thermal Engineering
     (Thermodynamic cycles, IC engines, Gas Turbines, Compressors, Nozzles, etc.)
8. Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing (Graduate level)
     ​(Matrix and determinants, Eigen value problems, Finite difference methods, numerical solutions for ODEs and PDEs, etc.)
9. Particle Mesh methods (Graduate level)
     (Solution of Poisson equation, Classical Ewald method, Mesh based solution of PDE, introduction to Multipole expansion)
10. Engineering Statics
11. Mechanics of Materials
12. Introduction to C++ and Python (UG level)