This webpage is a collection of my biography, software developments, and research excerpts that I have done during the recent years.
Dr. Sumith Yesudasan 
University of Georgia

Born in India, back in 1983, I was fortunate to grow up in a small-town neighborhood with amazing friends around me. During my undergraduate years, I got so passionate of computer programming and created a number of games, tools and engineering software. As the life went on, I became a professional Mechanical Engineer earning a Masters from NIT Calicut and then working for General Electric and Delphi Automotive. My constant surge to excel in technical knowledge led me to pursue PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. 

Currently, I work as a post doctoral research associate in University of Georgia, where I blend in my expertise of scientific programming, mathematics and molecular dynamics to solve some of the challenging problems of hemostasis and thrombosis, and development of ultra fast cooling devices.

Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2016, Syracuse University
M.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology, 2007, NIT Calicut
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, 2005, Univ. of Kerala

2017 - till date : Group Manager, AVERETT lab, University of Georgia
2016 - till date : Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Georgia
2012 - 2016 : Teaching and Research Assistant, Syracuse University
2011 - 2012 : Advanced analysis engineer, DELPHI Automotive
2007 - 2011 : Mechanical Engineer, General Electric Company