Academic Research

        In August 2006, I completed my Ph.D. from the CIS department at Penn. My advisor was Martha Palmer. During my Ph.D. studies, my research interests mainly focused on natural language processing (NLP) and syntax based statistical machine translation (MT). The latter became my Ph.D. thesis, "Machine Translation Using Probabilistic Synchronous Dependency Insertion Grammars". 

        In general, I was interested in statistical approaches towards data analysis, researching and realizing systems that incorporated probabilistic models into real world applications. 

        In Summer 2004, I worked in the Natural Language Systems group at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York, researching and building a multi-document summarization system.  

        From 2000 - 2001, I worked in the Natural Language Computing group at Microsoft Research, Asia in Beijing, China for one year, working on machine learning for translation tasks, statistical chunk parsing and information retrieval for very large corpora.