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Our Path to Peace is a project of the Youth Development Peer Network in collaboration with the Shinnyo-en Foundation. 

What is it: The Our Path to Peace Toolkit is a toolfor YOU! It has many components. It is
meant to inspire. It is to be explored. It is to
be used. It is a work in progress. It is an
effort of individuals, not organizations. And
most importantly, it is the loving creation of over 50 youth workers from across the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Why did we create it: Our Path to Peace was created to meet a need: stopping the violence in the San Francisco Bay Area and promoting peace as a tool to address violence. As we understand it, promoting peace is an act of faith – faith that our communities can be better. This toolkit explores the intersections of these three topics. And hopefully, it inspires you to take peace public in your community. 

Who is it for: This toolkit is for any and all youth workers, individuals who work with or on behalf of youth. It is for those that work in violence prevention, after school, youth employment, the arts, and more. 

How do you use it:  This toolkit is to be picked apart,dissected, and used however you see fit. It is full of activities, resources, tips, and other useful information. Take what you want, and leave the rest.

It is completely FREE OF CHARGE. All you have to do is click here


I am a youth worker because.

Meet your fellow youth workers - individuals who work with or on behalf of youth. There are many of us in the world! Watch the video above and learn why they do this work. If you would like to be included in this beautiful video, please email Jason Wyman!
  • We are Youth Workers!- Coming in JUNE 11! A celebration of all things youth worker. This will be a two-part event. Part ONE a showcase of youth workers work over the last year. Part TWO a PARTY!!!
The Four Points of Connection:
YDPN's Worker Agenda

The YDPN believes that youth workers need to connect intrapersonally, financially, professionally, and interpersonally if we want to sustain ourselves in our work. In this vein we have dreams for youth workers based on our Four Points.

Intrapersonal Connections

  • We dream of youth workers that are empowered because they are connected to their intentionality.
  • We dream of shared spaces that promote reflection; values clarification and development; healing, rejuvenation, and self-care; and advocacy skill development.
People Connections
  • We dream of youth workers that are celebrated for their work and intentionality.
  • We dream of messages everywhere that say youth development is important work.
Professional Connections
  • We dream of youth workers that are professional and collective.
  • We dream of equitable, accessible to relevant educational and professional development opportunities, especially those led by peers.
Financial Connections
  • We dream of youth workers that are financially self sufficient.
  • We dream of a network of economic support that builds financial literacy, provides affordable housing, health care, and loan forgiveness; and adequately compensates its employees.
  • We dream of many youth workers in many settings for many years.


If you would like to become involved with shaping the Youth Development Peer Network, please contact Jason Wyman!

We welcome all to become involved because there is

Power through a Network of Peers!