Yuchia Tseng

* Network operating systems (OpenFlow controllers)
* Network security
* Java, Python, Javascript, Go
* Android dev, web dev

 2014 - 2017 Ph.D. student of Computer Science
Paris Descartes University, Paris, France
Topic: Towards secure OpenFlow controller
 2013 - 2014  M.S. of Computer Science
Paris Descartes University, Paris, France
Specialization: Network
 2012 - 2013 M.S. 1 of Computer Science
SUPINFO de Paris, Paris, France
 2011 - 2012 Diplôme Universitaire d’Études Françaises B2
Université Paris-Est Créteil(Paris 12, UPEC), Créteil, France
 2010 - 2011  Département d’Études de Français Langue Étrangère(A2)
Université Bordeaux Montaigne, Bordeaux, France
 2003 - 2007 Bachelor of MIS(Management of Information System) 
National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
 September 2014 -
Ph.D. student at LIPADE, Paris, France
  • Security module SRV on SDN controller Floodlight for verifying secure policy enforcement
  • Security evaluation for SDN controllers POX (Python), OpenDayLight(Java) and NOX(C++)
  • Dynamic network simulator for mininet (Python)
  • OpenStack security verification keystone for neutron module
  • etc...
 May 2014 -
 October 2015
Software engineer at ARCSOLU TECH, Paris, France
  • Front-end by AngularJS with material design
  • Web service by .NET MVC, e.g., cloud service by connecting the distributed databases
  • Customized software developing, e.g., database transformer
  • Systems administrator: applications server (xsp/ tomcat) and database server(MySQL/SQliste/Firebird)
  • Network deployment
 August 2008 -
 May 2010
Web developer at FTTT, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Multimedia service
  • Web developer with the framework WAMP

 2015 M2C ERP Application
Android application with Google sheet API
 2015 New web site of LIPADE
Renew the web site of LIPADE, by customizing Wordpress
 2015  Academic site web
Create the site for professor F., by the framework AngularJS
 2014 WBAN eHealthcare Systeme
A simulation system which sends automatically the signals detected by the medical sensors to the hospital data processing server
 2014 Pékinshow
E-commerce web site with LAMP
 2013 Jeu de moulin
The kernel algorithm of a game of AI, with a winning ratio 95%+
 2012 Toombun
A mini-blog system by .NET MVC and deployed on Microsoft Azure

Software skills
Java, Python, C#, C++, C, nesC, Prolog(swi-prolog)
PHP, Javascript(JQeury, AngularJS with material design)
 OS Linux (various distributions: SUSE, ubuntu, CentOS, gentoo etc)
Windows xp/7/8, server 2008/R2 
 Servers Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, IIS
tomcat, apache, xsp, Asterisk, Darwin, XenAPP
 Network OS Floodlight, OpenDayLight, POX, NOX, Ryu
 Sensors OS Contiki, tinyOS(1,2)
 Security tools DHCPig, Wireshark, nmap
mininet, Cisco Packetracer
 Database MySQL, mogoDB, SQlite, Firebird, dynamoDB
 Cloud service OpenStack, AWS, Microsoft Azure
 IDEEclipse, VisualStudio, Xamarin(monodevelop) etc
 CMS Wordpress development, Joomla etc
 Virtual machineVirtualBox, VMware
 Other UML; SED, AWK, Grep
Bootstrap, Angular material

Communication skills
  • Chinese (native) 
  • English (upper intermediate)
  • French (upper intermediate)

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