Welcome to Y.C's miniature painting service.

This is the website of  Y.C. which features pictures of various models I have painted - both for sale on eBay and as commissions. A number have also been shown on websites such the Flames of War and WAB ones. I have been painting for relatively few years but have received excellent feedback and have concentrated on 15mm WW2 and ACW models. I have recently branched out into 28mm WW1 and am currently working on some 7 Years War models. The colours and markings of all the units I paint are fully researched from an extensive library of reference books. If you would like to discuss a commission project, please contact me using the link below
Waffen SS Sanitater Krankenstelle

Waffen SS infantry support guns and light flak guns (Commission)

German Sperrverband Company Box Set for Commission

Soviet WW2 15mm 152mm Artillery Battery box set for Commission

German WW2 SS Panzer Grenadiers box set for Commission

British objective

Soviet 85mm Anti-tank Battery

German WW2 Heavy Mortar - SS, Army
for Commission

German WW2 SS 3.7cm flak pltn

15mm WW2 Waffen SS 15cm s FH18 artillery battery
28mm ww1 Britsh Pilot