Programs Tai Chi 太極  

Instructor Wilson Wong (黃華燊)

Master Wilson Wong studied 85 form Tai Chi Chuan under Master Chung Kwong Tin in Hong Kong from 1972, becoming assistant instructor when Master Chung taught at China Light & Power Co. Master Wong was founding vice chairman of the Handkeen Tai Chi Chuan Association in the late eighties, and upon coming to Canada served in liaison and exchange, for which he was awarded a trophy in 2016. He has taught Tai Chi at YCCCA since February 1995.

Master Chung studied under Master Tung Ying Chieh, creator of Ying Chieh Fast Tai Chi Chuan. Master Tung was a student of Master Yang Cheng Fu, who developed and codified the Yang style of Tai Chi.

黃華燊(Wilson Wong) 師傅於—九七二年跟隨鍾廣田師父演練楊式八十五式太極拳。其後鍾師父授拳於中華電力公司,忝為助教。八十年代末與同好組成行健太極拳同學會,為創會副主席。九十年初移居加拿大,亦為加港兩地同好作為聨繫,互相交流。該會並在二零—六年贈予奬座,以資鼓勵。君自—九九五年二月開始在YCCCA教授太極拳。


Beginners Class

Intermediate Class

 Summary  簡介 Teaches classical 85 form Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Suitable for all. Advanced instructions on principles and practices of 85 form Yang style Tai Chi. On Fridays teaches Tai Chi Fast Chuan or Tai Chi Sword. Suitable for members who have completed Beginners Class.
 Time & Location
Open House (free): Feb 1, 2019 (Fri) 8:15pm-9:45pm

Fridays, 8:15pm-9:45pm

Charles Howitt Public School (Gym)
30 Pearson Ave., Richmond Hill
(NW of Yonge & Hwy #7)
Wednesdays and Fridays 8:15pm-10:15pm

Wednesdays: Thornhill Secondary School (Gym)
167 Dudley Ave., Markham
(NE of Yonge & Clark)

Fridays:  Charles Howitt Public School (Gym)
30 Pearson Ave., Richmond Hill
(NW of Yonge & Hwy #7)
 Fees  費用 $75 per term, two terms a year, plus membership fee of $10 for adults or $15 for families $120 per year, plus membership fee of $10 for adults or $15 for families
 Instructor  導師 Wilson Wong (instructions in Cantonese) Wilson Wong (instructions in Cantonese)
 Registration  報名日期 February 1, 2019
September 19, 2018
 Enquiries  查詢 Mak Pak Wing (905)770-8081

Mak Pak Wing (905)770-8081