Board of Directors

Left to Right
Jimmy Yiu, Emily Chow, Nancy Chan, Eleana Tong, Nelson Wong, Peggy Wan, May Lau, Henry Chan, Mak Pak Wing
Board of Directors

Left to Right
Emily Chow, Henry Chan, Eleana Tong, Jimmy Yiu, Peggy Wan, Sandra Yeung Racco (Advisor), Nancy Chan, Mario Racco (Guest), May Lau, Nelson Wong
Board of Directors

Left to Right
Eleana Tong, Nelson Wong, Emily Chow, Godwin Chan (Advisor), Nancy Chan, Jimmy Yiu, Peggy Wan, Henry Chan, May Lau

Nelson Wong President
Peggy Wan Vice President
Emily Chow Treasurer
Mak Pak Wing
May Lau
Ballroom Director
Eleana Tong Ballroom Director
Jimmy Yiu Badminton Director
Henry Chan Youth Program Director
Sandra Racco
City of Vaughan Ward 4 - Councillor
Government Liaison Advisor
Godwin Chan
Town of Richmond Hill
Ward 6 - Councillor

General Advisor

General Enquiry


Admin Council

Left to Right
Vivi Dong, Nelson Wong, Christopher Chan

Vivi Dong
Media Coordination
Mak Pak Wing
Permit Administration
Peggy Wan Permit Administration
Event Ticket Master
Christopher Chan
Nelson Wong Webmaster Backup