Exam coverage

The material on this page is tentative (as of Dec 5) and applies only to section 004.

The exam will be on all the material covered in the lectures in the first term.
Approximately 25-30% of problems will be on the material from before the first midterm and the rest will be on material covered after the midterm.
Some questions worth about 12% of the grade will be taken directly from the first midterm.
A question worth about 10% of the grade will be taken directly from one of the webworks.
Some questions worth 20% of the grade will be VERY similar to questions on the list of additional exercises or taken from questions 2-11 from the December 2011 exam (limits at infinity are not on our exam).
The rest (about 58%) of the grade will be on questions of different levels of difficulty that you have not seen before. Some of them will be straightforward exercises, some of them will require application of the tools we learned in class in a creative way.

There will be a total of 10 questions on the exam, some of which consist of several sub-questions.