Join our campaign and stop the plans to build 3000 houses in North Yate.

The development is proposed to include 3000 new homes and 9 hectares of light industry.

This will have a significant impact not only on Brimsham Park but also the town of Yate and the countryside as a whole.

There is no need for such a massive development and the current infrastructure of Yate, and its surrounding areas, services and amenities cannot cope with the huge influx of vehicles and people.

This runs contrary to current Government Policy whereby South Gloucestershire Council has been released from its obligation to build more homes, imposed on it by the previous Government.

The housing is not required to meet Yate's needs. More homes are already being planned at 4 other sites across Yate and Chipping Sodbury.  If additional housing is still required for South Gloucestershire's population it should be built on brown field sites like Filton airfield.