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Meetings during school months are Monday's at 5:00. Meetings will take place in Building 1 (Administration building) Room 204 (Down the Hall on the Left). Join us for lively talk, snacks science videos, movies, game nights and topic discussions!


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What it is to be Secular
The term secular means not connected nor pertaining to religion, which is why our group's goal is to promote healthy debate among differing individuals as well as acceptance of those differing ideologies. It is our club's mission to join secularists, humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and freethinkers together and contribute to society in non-religious ways.

What we do
Yavapai College Secular Student Alliance is comprised of a diversified group of students that challenge dogma in a mature science based manner. We offer a comfortable, rewarding and satisfying environment where free expression is welcome. YC SSA will work to unite students who hold a naturalistic world view, free of mysticism and the supernatural. The YC SSA will encourage and educate society toward understanding these same ideas and upholding an image of reason and diplomacy.
YC SSA will host guest speakers, hold events, participate in community service and fundraisers, engage in group debates and discussions and will hold regular meetings as well as fun relaxed events such as potlucks.

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