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 I had great fun trying on dresses at all the local shops, but I had a hard time finding something that wasn't the generic bridal satin ball gown.  My search ended at a trunk show in February when I found a very unique Pronovias style.  It's got a vintage glam touch not typical to the traditional wedding gown, and just absolutely perfect for me. 


I was extremely hesitant to fall in love with Pronovias gowns after seeing the beautiful tall models in their very sleek shapes, but this one works out well for me (and my super shortness!).  



 UPDATE:  5-20-08

While on our way back from a trip in Maine, I asked FI if we could stop in Portsmouth.  I had time to run into the dress shop real quick while he was in Radio Shack and asked the clerk to pull the gown so I could take some pictures for planning purposes.  I didn't have time to try it on, but this is better than nothing at all!





UPDATE:  6-13-08

I went veil shopping with my mom tonight and met with Steve, the veil designer for Malis Henderson.  I was able to customize a veil with him AND got to try the dress sample on again.  Matthew Christopher, (the dress designer) was there for his trunk show as well and we all had a great time.  This time, mom was in charge of taking pictures, but I think she took more with her camera that I don't have access to right now. 

I chose a cathedral length ivory veil with a fine silver edge and an array of tiny crystals with a separate blusher.  I tried to talk myself into a headpiece as well, but I think I might be broke now...

Some of these photos are overly bright, but at least I have some - finally!  The first pic shows the front of the gown, the second and third pics have part of the mirror showing the back of the gown.


That's Steve below fussing with the veil while Mom is oblivious.

Oh look, she wants a picture with me!

I know we all make goofy faces at the dress shop without realizing it, but some are truly worse than others.  I love seeing the back of my gown in the mirror though.

Annnnd... the money shot, but it does show great detail!


 UPDATE:  8-4-08

Last week I received a random e-mail from a lovely woman named Celia who lives in Germany.  She happened to find my bio page online and decided to write to me.  Celia had worn the same dress for her wedding this past May!  She was kind enough to send me some photos and allowed me to post them here to share what a "real" bride looks like in this style.  Even though she and I are different body shapes, it's beautiful to see the dress on somone else.

UPDATE 8-21-08 

My dress is in!!!  It is snug in the hips, surprisingly, but should be easy to let out.  The bust and waist need to be pulled in quite a bit, and the straps will have to be adjusted.  Despite all this, the gown is awesome.

Even better.... my veils came in!  I love them so much, and I think I might even love them more than the gown.  I really get that "bride" feeling when I have them on.  The blusher is on a separate comb.

^So Freakin Happy^

 Update: 9-18-08

Alterations are in full effect!  All layers of the dress were raised by 5/8" to accomodate my hips and it fits!  Next come work on the straps and the hem.  I asked the seamstress to do an underbustle after much debate, and the pinning begins!

It's crooked since all the layers are still connected from the designer, but the seamstress will separate them and do two separate bustles; one for the heavier underlining, and one for the sheer layers on top.


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