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I've only found a few things online (mostly in other people's bios!) that really appeal to me.  Never having had my hair or make-up professionally done hinders me from being able to look at photos and then trying to decide if they are the "right" kind of styles for me.  I've been growing my hair out for a long time so that all options are available to me.  I plan on wearing most of it down since I'm not a huge fan of up-do's.











I recently met Emily at Innovations Salon in Merrimack, NH.  After trying to style my long hair, and having it not cooperate, Emily suggested a cut and some layering.  Sure enough, it did the trick!  We didn't have time for a style afterwards, but were pleased with how the curls turned out.


For perspective (in a standing position) and a few hours after the curl:



As for make-up, I definitely want a look that's more soft and romantic, but a look that offers enough ooomph to make me look beautiful without twenty layers caked on my face on the big day!

I met with Knottie 'Candi516' at Sephora on a Bridal Event day and had her try a few things out.  She was so patient and really knew her stuff!  I look forward to trying out a few more things with her to make it just right!