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Knottie Inspiration

I ordered some centerpiece stands for my florist to use, and two vases to use on the parent's tables.  It's not really a theme, but I did love how elegant they looked, and sort of went along with the idea of me and two bridesmaids (the three graces, haha).

^ The centerpiece stands                   ^  The vases

^ Close-up of one of the faces



I have two matching pins that the bridesmaids might use

on their bouquets:



I also ordered some easels off eBay to use for table numbers:

And I've ordered these table numbers from White Aisle:

Update 10-8-08: 





 UPDATE 9-24-08

Okay, so it's a little hard to see since the flower shop was packed floor to ceiling with flowers for SEVEN other weddings this weekend, but I think my centerpiece design still does it's best to stand out!  The final will have more dahlias, and red ranunculus in the mix.

Because I love the slight cascade and the texture of the flowers, I picked a White Aisle place card to use on the tables.  The image design will be in a mango/orange tone (shown below in blue) and will hopefully coordinate with the theme of the table flowers.


Update 10-8-08:

They're in!  The color is even better than expected, since I thought mango would end up being lighter, but this shade is PERFECT!  Now to decide which side of the card to use, or to mix it up 50/50.

Another centerpiece view:



 We're still working on my bouquet.  It will be predominantly red flowers, and the bridesmaid's bouquets will be similar in texture to the centerpieces.




-Different Floral Ideas-








Bouquets and Centerpieces I Love!

My florist has complete creative direction to put together flowers for the wedding.  I just asked him to avoid purple, and to use A LOT of texture.