Bridal Shower
September 28, 2008
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My mother hosted a bridal shower with the help of my fiance.  She rented the clubhouse at our condo association and rounded up the relatives for some great food and conversation.  My fiance attempted to take photos, but out of 200 or so, about 190 were too blurry to keep.  Even still, I'm glad he decided to stay for the whole event.  I am hoping some of my relatives will share more photos with us!




And... my beautiful bow bouquet!

My mother also made centerpieces that she gave away as 'Bridal Bingo' prizes.  They were leonidas roses in teacup planters.  She also had some cookbooks for prizes as well.



 Shower favors were cookies baked by my mom, FMIL, and FSILs.  Everyone got a bag with heart shaped measuring spoons and picked whatever cookies they wanted to bring home with them.

My mother also took the time to make me a cake based on my favorite Wedgewood Jasperware pattern.  I had wanted this for a wedding cake until hearing the prices for custom styles!  After I mentioned this to my mom, she had seen an example in a Martha Stewart magazine and replicated it as best she could (on the small scale).  The top tier was bananas and caramel, and the bottom was chocolate and strawberries.  The humidity was melting the frosting off the cake by the time it was ready for serving, but it was still beautiful and delicious!


Obviously, cutting a cake is just one big joke, or so it appears I believe.

My favorite gift by far was the silverware I've wanted for the past ten years and REFUSED to buy myself knowing we would be getting married at some point and would be perfect for the registry (I know, I'm a goober)!  Only one set left that we need for the full 12!

Also, my aunt made this incredible tower of towels shaped like a cake.  It has wooden spoons and other utensils as dowels supporting it throughout, and it's on a lazy susan.  This thing is massive!

We're a little afraid to take it apart.