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Most importantly, my girls:

That's me in red, with Annie and Katie on our way to church a few years ago.  They're twins, and almost exactly a year older than I am, and we've been friends ever since Day 1.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful people stand up for me!

 UPDATE:  6-13-08

After e-mailing the girls, I think we may have a winner with a great price quote on a Wtoo gown from Netbride!  I tried on a sample today to see how it looked, and I know that it will look infinitely better on them!

Don't you love the weird panty shadow line?  I seriously did not have granny panties on.  FI just HAD to point this out.

The gown is WToo #207 and was ordered in "Almond".  We used  List price was $240; we paid $154!

The girls are going to be beautiful!

 I wanted to buy the girls some jewelry to wear at the wedding in addition to whatever gifts I could find.  My original plan was to get them each a necklace and earring set, until one BM informed me her pierced ears had closed and she had no plans to re-pierce them.  For now, I am just going with a necklace that they can hopefully use for everyday wear even after the wedding.  They are a fleur-de-lis design I found on  I was able to use a coupon and save 10% and got free shipping!


 Update 10-8-08:

The necklaces arrived within 3 days of purchase and I love them!


I hope the girls will love them too!

 I am also giving them each a $50 gift card to Banana Republic, a small pin with the three graces, and chocolate in their goodie bags.  My mother and I paid for part of their dresses and will pay for their hair styles for the day of the wedding.




Some of the gowns we had considered:




David's Bridal




Jasmine B2









I love the bridal party look from Knottie "wittliz"




Jim Hjelm


Jim Hjelm








 UPDATE 10-5-08

The Guys:

With 3 weeks to go, we actually have groomsmen!  The best man (FI's best friend) is in the Air National Guard and has been away for training and JUST came home.  My brother (US Army), just got back from Iraq and out of his most recent training mission.  Thankfully, MW Tux is very accomodating for military types, so the boys are getting sized up this week!