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Summary of translation progress

  • Program decoding (100%)
  • Program coding (100%)
  • Translation Japanese - English (100%)
  • Graphics modification (100%)

Web Log

31 December 2007
It's finally done. The translation patch has reached version 1.0 today. Quickly go to the downloads section and the IPS patch. The biggest changes are the inclusion of the English logo as shown below, some typographical fixes and the credits rolls have been properly formatted.

14 June 2007
And here's the new logo which I will adopt for using in the v1.0 release of the patch, which is bound to be released somewhere in the near future:

07 June 2007
There we go! See the "Downloads" link to the left? I don't think I need to explain what that means. ;)

05 June 2007
The graphic hack of this game is harder than I thought it would be hence the slow down. But it won't take much longer, the only remaining parts are the messages displayed in the VS mode! For the rest the game is running completely in English. So I still need to do:

  • Few more graphic hacks of the VS mode messages
  • Edit the credits (3x as there are 3 seperate endings used!)
  • Apply a few more corrections on the script as there are still a few grammatical errors in it.

Just a few more things to tinker around with before I can release the first version of the hack. Note that I am leaving the current Japanese PDP logo in the game, as I was incapable of finding a suitable replacement for it. :( Maybe that will be fixed somewhere in the future...

24 May 2007
Finally, the textual translation is completed. The modified game can now completely run under the English translation. All that remains is finding the code which calls the graphics and replace some of the images by English equavalents. I'll probably use most of Tetris Attack's images as they can be reused without any further modifications.

16 May 2007
As said on the main page I got the variable width routine working. Here's how the picture looks lika at the current moment (picture is a snapshot of how the game runs on my computer without any editing). Notice that there are still some things which could use some improvements and/or finetuning, but we're getting one step closer to our goal.

03 May 2007
Finally, I managed to get back to this translation project. It has been some time since I spend working on it, so here are some picture of how the result should look like (note: these are edited bitmaps, not yet the implemented code!).

12 April 2007
Today the remaining parts of the translations are completed. All that remains is some check ups and improvements here and there.
Furthermore the last parts of understanding the code used for writing text onto the screen are nearly done. Now the more difficult task of writing correct new assembler code for the Variable Width Font (VWF) routine is about to commence.

08 April 2007
Currently the dissection of the routines which actually write the text on screen consumes more time than I initially thought it would. It turns out that the involved code is a bit more complex...
Anyway just to show you something here is the complete image of the fontset used in this game. Notice how the bottom part contains all the characters and kanji used during the credits scene. Below "Nintendo" in its trademark style there appears to be another logo. I think those are the initials spelling out "TBC", which would make "Team Battle Clash" the group who created the game. Apparently it was dropped out in favor of the text in its complete format.

06 April 2007
Received the second batch of translations for Stage Clear and the Menu Options from Xubelox. Only the Ending Hint screens and some other descriptions remaining. One of the remarkable things about the the translation of the menu options is that there appeared to be two messages which were dummied out! The first speaks about some "special settings" and the other was probably meant for playing on-line with Satellaview.

<= 05 April 2007
Basically here's where I will describe what is going on so far and what needs to be done. At the moment I found and dissassembled the routines for the decompression of the graphical images. This allowed me to dump the font table used in this game.
Apart from that the entire set of dialogues has been located and dumped. These are currently in progress of translation (mainly) by Xubelox. The result of this subproject will be put here once they are finished.