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Panel de Pon

Super Hard Ending - Video

In case you are curious how the game looks like now, here's the ending on youtube.

Here it is the English patch for Panel De Pon. Make sure to read the "Readme.txt" file first!

Panel De Pon - English Patch

Great, I already had to patch my patch because there were some errors in it. Firstly, the "free" messages of Elias, Thiana and Ruby displayed an odd letter at the beginning. The cause of this was that a pointer was 1 byte off. Secondly, during the ending scene (Hard and SHard) Lip's image doesn't show up at the end, causing Selene to keep on talking. Finally, there was an error which showed "Moon Stage" at the beginning of the game.

Version 1.0 (31-December-2007)

Finally, the improved translation hack is published.Several glitches have been fixed thanks to various people and the new title logo has been incorporated. Have fun.

Panel De Pon - English IPS (v1.0)

Version 0.9b (08-June-2007)

Turns out to be that Elias, Ruby, Thiana and Sherbet had more issues as for some reason that is beyond me their death texts are supposed to be ordered differently to make them show up at the right moment. I fixed this glitch in the patch.

Panel De Pon - English IPS (v0.9b)

Panel De Pon - original SPC music

Download the zip below to obtain a collection of all the background music themes used in Panel De Pon. It includes the bgm of all 13 characters and the associated Panic version, and all of the songs played during the credits rolls. You do need an spc plugin for your music player to be able to listen to the songs.

Panel De Pon - Music compendium