Panel De Pon

The original game behind Tetris Attack 


Panel De Pon 

Panel De Pon (PDP) is a puzzle game made by Intelligent Systems available on the Super Famicom back in October 1995.

The gameplay consisted of arranging colored blocks with a movable cursor which could swap two horizontal blocks as seen below. If you succeed in doing it so that three (or more) panels of a kind are formed either vertically or horizontally they will pop and disappear. The whole setting takes place in a 6 x 12 grid which gets filled by panels that rise up from the bottom row by row. If the stack of panels reaches the top it is game over.

PDP featured a cast of fairies who were trying to save their magical world called "Popples" from the monsters under the liege of the devil "Sanatos". When this game was set to be released outside Japan on the Super NES, Nintendo decided to replace the fairies by one of their more popular mascots: Yoshi. In doing so the game was ought to be better accessible to the American/European market as the magical girl genre is less popular and has only limited range outside Japan's border. Furthermore to make the game appeal even better it was renamed to "Tetris Attack" (TA) suggesting a reference to this well known game, eventhough there is hardly any resemblance at all. During these years Panel De Pon has reappeared with several incarnations, which include:

  • Panel De Pon (SFC)
  • Tetris Attack (SNES / GB)
  • Pokémon Puzzle League (N64)
  • Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (GBC)
  • Nintendo Puzzle Collection (GCN)
  • Dr. Mario / Puzzle League (GBA)
  • Planet Puzzle League (NDS)

Up to this day there is still a community which plays this game (or one of its equivalents). Eventhough I have played it since it's release (TA) in 1996, it is now in 2007 that I started this translation project to give the non-Japanese audience a glance a better understanding in the background story of this game. This project was also raised by my, because I was just curious at what it takes to create a free fan translation.