Lufia 2

The prequel to Lufia and the Fortress of Doom 


Lufia 2

This RPG is not as commonly known as for example Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy, but this game nonetheless great in its own way. Developed in 1995 by Neverland Company for the Super Famicom (under the name of Estpolis II) this game was also brought over to the USA and Europe.

This however gave some problems for certain localizations as the initial game in the series (Lufia and the Fortress of Doom) was never released in some parts of Europe, therefore the game was renamed for some countries to just "Lufia".

Lufia 2 tells of a young male protagonist called Maxim, when the game starts out he receives some vague message that he is the one destined to break the rule of the 4 mad gods called Sinistrals.

Some of the main features of this game are a vast amount and lots of variations in puzzles encountered in dungeons. The battle engine of this game is turn based, but a unique trademark (for its time) is that you can actually see the monsters on the map and therefore you can plan your actions ahead rather than having random battle encounters all over the place. The only exception here is the world map, where battles still occur at random.

Another thing about this game is the Ancient Dungeon (also called Ancient Cave). This dungeon counts 100 levels and each level generated completely at random by the computer each time you enter it. This dungeon on itself can be considered to be a game on its own right!