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1 June 2008

Exactly six months have passed by just now. Here's a small update concerning Dungeon Keeper. A patch has been created which should correct several problems the original game suffered from.

1 January 2008

A bit later than expected, but with my delight the news can be spread that the v1.0 version of the Panel De Pon translation patch has been uploaded.
Furthermore another zip file has been uploaded containing all of Panel De Pon's background music in .spc format. Both files can be located in the downloads section.
Lastly, my eye has fallen on another Nintendo puzzle game called "Kirby's no Kira Kira Kids" for the SNES. This game is worth a translation so in the future this game should receive a nice patch as well.

07 September 2007

September already?!? Time flies when you're busy. Needless to say I haven't made much progression on the topics I wish to complete for this site... But that will change soon enough.

14 June 2007

I've received several responses to the Panel De Pon titlescreen, and fortunately I've found one which meets my requirements. The credits go to Dr. Mario from the http://www.romhacking.net messageboards for creating the logo. Now I need to find some time to update the IPS patch.

Furthermore I've updated the Lufia 2 page with a link to what I once intended to make a monster viewer. I didn't knew much about hacking back then, but with some documentation on how the data was stored in Lufia 2 I did manage to program this little application. I will release it to everybody some time in the future, once it is able to actually edit the data.

09 June 2007

Whoa, the responses I've received for the translation patch were overwhelming. I didn't expect this at all! I wanted to update the site with more information about PDP and several other games I wish to patch, like Lufia 2 using Relnqshd's work & similarly for the Secret of Evermore, but currently time is not on my side so to say. I will continue updating when there are new things in store, but unfortunately these occasions may be very rare up to the end of August. If you like you can still leave a message in mailbox. :)

07 June 2007

That's it! The translation patch is done, go enjoy the game in English. Any suggestions, corrections or other feedback are welcome at my address (see below for the mail).

16 May 2007

Finally, got the code to operate as I would like it to be. There is however some fine tuning required as the test image is not perfected yet. The "space" character is a wee bit too wide and the dots and commas are one pixel too low, but nonetheless the textual hack's most difficult part is now completed. ^_^

3 May 2007

After nearly one month of being occupied by other obligatory tasks I've been able to do some work on the translation of this game. It may take some time before this actually gets going, so in the meanwhile here are some pictures of how translated game would look like.

14 April 2007

I now included a translation of the summaries for each of the characters in Panel De Pon including some pictures. Take note that the names which are used here will be incorporated in the translation project for this game.
Apart from that there is now a small page about Lufia 2 up as well... There's not much to see there at the moment, but it will change all in due time.

12 April 2007

Hurray, Xubelox finished the last remaining parts of the translation. There are however a few sentences that cause trouble... However Da Bubba has provided some help to overcome the problems. Many thanks to both of you!

08 April 2007

I've added some new data to the Panel De Pon's translation log. Go check it out!
Furthermore I'm putting out a request to people with skills in working with graphical environments. Some of Panel de Pon's images contain hard coded Japanese words which need to be translated into English (e.g. the title screen logo). If anybody is willing to help me out here that would be appreciated very much! You can mail me using this mailaddress:

05 April 2007

  • Page Creation
  • Added some contents to Panel De Pon, specifically about the translation project.

This page was created for the sole purpose of publishing data on-line, which I wish to share with the viewers. I kept it to a basic format deliberately, so it isn't confusing readers with an overflow of information. Perhaps somewhere in the future the layout may get some improvements.

Disclamer: Do NOT mail/spam me asking about ROMs and other illegal stuff. I do NOT have any ROMs! Go elsewhere to get it, but not here.