Yasmin Lucero

Postdoctoral Fellow

Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA

2725 Montlake Boulevard East

Seattle, Washington 98112








Curriculum Vitae (pdf) 

Research Interests

I am a mathematical biologist interested in problems in population ecology, fisheries biology and ecosystem based management. My thesis is about the population level consequences of age-dependent maternal effects in rockfish (genus Sebastes). I am currently investigating the relationship between habitat and juvenile salmon success during the freshwater rearing stage.


Ph.D. Ocean Sciences (2007), University of California Santa Cruz (pdf)

B.A. Human Ecology (1999), College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine

Honors and Awards

  • 2007--present National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship 
  • 2002--2005 Sea Grant/NMFS Graduate Fellowship in Population Dynamics
  • 2002--2004 UC Dean's Cota-Robles Graduate Fellowship
  • 2002 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (Honorable Mention)
  • 1998 Morris K. Udall National Fellowship in Environmental Public Policy
  • 1997 Lucien Caprak Prize in Biology


Lucero, Y. (2008) "Maternal effects and time to recovery" Bulletin of Marine Science. 83 (pdf)

Lucero, Y. "A multi-class stock-recruitment model for calculating productivity in the presence of age-dependent maternal effects" (in review)

Lucero, Y. "Population consequences of maternal effects depends on life-history context" (in review)

Field, J, Dick, E., Key, M., Lowry, M., Lucero, Y., MacCall, A., Pearson, D., Ralston, S., Sydeman, W. and Thayer, J. (2007) "Population dynamics of an unexploited rockfish (Sebates jordani) in the California Current" Proceedings of the 23rd annual Wakefield Symposium, Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska Sea Grant. AK-SG-07-01 (pdf)


Marc Mangel, Ph.D. 

(my primary graduate advisor)

Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

University of California Santa Cruz 


Eli Holmes, Ph.D.

(my postdoctoral advisor)

Research Biologist

Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

T 206.419.6164



Mark Scheuerell, Ph.D.

(a collaborator)

Research Biologist

Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries

T: 206-302-2437