In the name of Allah, the Rahman (Beneficent), the Raheem (Merciful)
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Religious Links
           Tafheem-ul-Quran (Urdu pdf , audio and online urdu text)
           Tafseer Ibn-e-Katheer (Urdu)
           Tabaddur-i-Quran (Urdu)
           Some Urdu books e.g. famous Seerat book Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtoom
           Learn Arabic (English VideoAudio in Urdu, English and Arabic. Books)
           Arabic Grammar Audio Lectures (in Urdu)
           Arabic Grammar Video Lectures (in Urdu, total time 30 Hrs, for beginners)
           Quran Software with search in Arabic, Urdu and English with copy/paste options.
           Online English, Urdu and Arabic searchable Ahadith books
           Download English search software (Quran and Hadith)
           Urdu and Arabic searchable Sahih Bukhari Software (Good for copying text for presentations)
           Download Urdu Hadith pdf (Bukhari and Muslim)
           Quranic Grammar (An Excel sheet of Quranic words (Online version)i.e. Lemmas and Verbs arranged w.r.t Frequency.)
           Quranic Dictionary
           Signs of Noah's (AS) flood
                   "Newton's theological writings reveal outlooks considered deeply heretical by 
                    mainstream Christianity. He held passionately anti-trinitarian views, believing 
                    that the pivotal Council of Nicæa in the 4th century had propounded false doctrines
                    on the nature of Christ, and had introduced non-Biblical language to describe the 
                    relationship between the Son and the Father."
           Some selected Ayaat and Ahadith (9 selected Ayaat and few relevant Ahadith)
           Few Ahadith (5 selected Ahadith)
           Invitation to the Truth (Harun Yahya)
           Islamic Research Foundation
           The purpose of life - Jeffery Lang (Rest of the parts on the right side panel)
           Qibla Locator

My half cooked thoughts
           Countering Satan
           Random Thoughts
           Intriguing Questions for kids
           Some Project/Thesis Ideas
           Information and Wisdom

          Data Structure Algorithms Visualizations
          Download Modelsim Quick start guide

Online Video Lectures
          Virtual University Videos and Website
                    One can see a curriculum plan from Website and start following video lectures to become
                    a self-learned person which can potentially be better than degree holders. e.g. this is the
                    study plan of BS Computer Science.

          Khan Academy
                    A really good resource for self paced learning. Go to this link and click practice. Login
                    using google or facebook account. You will find a visual mesh of concept dependencies. Each
                    concept with a video lecture to explain it and a question generator which keeps on generating
                    questions for as long as you like. If you get 10 correct answers in a row you understand that 
                    One important use of this site can be to find holes in the concepts. Often people find hard to 
                    understand things because of flaws in fundamental concepts. This site can be used to quickly
                    find such holes in concepts.

          Xilinx Free lectures

Unorganized Links
           Q&A in urdu
           Q&A in English