Dr. Yashveer Singh

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Associate Faculty, Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME)

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

Nangal Road, Rupnagar - 140 001, Punjab

Phone: 91-1881-242246; Cell: 91-977-966-8895;

Email: yash@iitrpr.ac.in

Dr. Yashveer is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, IIT Ropar. He also serves as an Associate Faculty at the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME) at the institute. He received his PhD degree at the University of Allahabad and did postdoctoral research at the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), Joseph Fourier University (France), and Rutgers University (USA). Prior to joining IIT Ropar, he was an Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutics, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University (USA). His research interests are in broad areas of polymeric biomaterials, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. In particular, his group is working on polymer and peptide-based hydrogels/gels for microbicide delivery (to prevent HIV-1 infection in women), cancer drug delivery, wound healing, and tissue engineering applications. He has published 35 papers/reviews in peer-reviewed journals, 4 patents, and 3 book chapters. He is an Assistant Editor of the sixth edition of Martins Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, a major textbook for pharmacy schools worldwide.

News / Highlights

Congratulations to Peeyush, a PhD student in our group! His manuscript has been accepted for publication in ACS Omega (published jointly with Dr. C. M. Nagaraja's group at IIT Ropar, DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.8b02833 )

Congratulations to Kamal, a recently graduated PhD student in our group! She has been selected for the postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. May Griffith at the University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada