Working Papers:

  • "Does Halting Refugee Resettlement Reduce Crime? Evidence from the United States Refugee Ban" (2019), with Daniel Masterson

  • "The Role of Institutions in the Labor Market Impact of Immigration" (2019), with Mette Foged and Linea Hasager

  • "Immigration and the US Wage Distribution" (2019)
    • funded by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research through an Early Career Research Grant
    • funded by the US 2050 Initiative of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and Ford Foundation

Published and Accepted Articles:

  • "Standardizing the Fee Waiver Application Increased Naturalization Rates of Low-Income Immigrants" (2019), [lead author] with Michael Hotard, Duncan Lawrence, Jens Hainmueller and David Laitin
    • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (forthcoming)
    • latest version
    • IPL Working Paper #19-06
    • replication package
    • Main takeaway: The standardization of the fee waiver for citizenship applications raised naturalization rates among low-income immigrants.

  • "Public Health Insurance Expansion and Interstate Migration of Immigrants in the United States" (2019), [lead author] with Duncan Lawrence, Fernando Mendoza and Jens Hainmueller
    • accepted (coming soon)
    • replication package
    • Main takeaway: Public health insurance expansion for recent immigrants did not lead to an increased interstate in-migration among eligible foreign-born.

  • "Does Schedule Irregularity Affect Productivity? Evidence from Random Assignment into College Classes" , with Lester Lusher and Phuc Luong

  • "Double-Shift Schooling and Student Success: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Europe", with Lester Lusher

Selected Work in Progress:

  • "The Effects of Immigration Policy on Health Care Utilization among Undocumented Immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area", with Jacqueline Torres, Laura Gottlieb, Jens Hainmueller, Michael Hotard and Duncan Lawrence
  • "Product Innovation and Immigration: Evidence from Nielsen Retail Scanner Data”, with Lester Lusher and Giovanni Peri

Non-Refereed Publications: