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Every year the band thrills audiences across the region, from village fetes to beer festivals, with its diverse range and enthusiastic approach to making music.  We are proud to be a part of a quintessentially British tradition and represent the two villages in our name, and hope you will celebrate this with us!

The brass band is a local organisation where dozens of people from all generations come weekly to share their passion for a pastime you probably thought died out a century ago.  Every week, upwards of 30 people aged from eight to 77 cram into Yarwell village hall – and make a lot of noise. We can’t help it, and nobody seems to mind, because we are the...
Yarwell & Nassington Britannia Brass Band
The roots of the band go back to the early 19th century and we can claim to be one of the oldest bands in the country. The exact origins of the band, including the founder members, are lost in the mists of time. There’s no written contemporary record, but that’s hardly surprising since few village folk in the early 1800s would have been able to read and write. But what is known is that the band was playing at Elton Station to mark the homecoming of local soldiers returning from the Crimea War (1853-56). Elton Station, on the Nene Valley line between Peterborough and Northampton.
Playing at Burghley House

Present-day band
The present-day band comprises a large group of like-minded brass players of all ages, who meet weekly to make great music and have fun doing it.  We perform in a range of settings, from churches to village fetes, and are proud to represent the two villages in our name in the local area. The band plays all kinds of music – classical, pop, jazz, etc, as well as a wide repertoire specially written for brass bands. We see the band as being part of the social fabric of the community. The membership is eclectic, drawing from young and old, female and male, of all classes and backgrounds.