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Industrial Commission of Arizona

The Industrial Commission Administrative Law Judge Division has scheduled a formal hearing in the matter Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health vs. State of Arizona, Arizona State Forestry Division for October 13, 2015 beginning at 9:30 a.m.  The hearing is scheduled to be held at the Industrial Commission of Arizona, 800 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona in Hearing Room O and is open to the public. The Presiding Administrative Law Judge may also conduct conferences with the attorneys regarding administrative issues which are not open to the public.

Under Arizona law, the hearing file for an Occupational Safety and Health case is a public record.  The Administrative Law Judge Division’s hearing file is available for review.  The hearing file contains notices and orders issued by the Presiding Administrative Law Judge and documents filed by the parties. Some items in the hearing file may be omitted or redacted to protect privacy interests.  

To review the hearing file, click on the link below.

ALJ Hearing File

Yarnell Hill Fire Inspection Documents

Industrial Commission Press Release